Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Shoulders / Cut-out dresses in British Vogue May

This style has been on trend for a while now but it's just appeared in VOGUE UK (May) and I thought it would be good to post some more ideas here. I think they're brilliant styles but cut a out dress is not for me it's a style for those who have a wonderful body shape. I really like the 2 dresses by Yves Saint Laurent and the 3rd one I'd be very happy wearing this style of dress. So girls, let's get sunbathing and exfoliating our tan and let's enjoy our summer, unfortunatly not for you, my beautiful friends in Brazil.

Esses estilos tem estado na tendência por um tempo, mas está na VOGUE UK do mês de Maio então achei uma boa oportunidade para postar algumas inspirações. Eu acho esses estilos maravilhosos mas o cut out não é para mim, este é um modelo para quem é magra. Eu gosto do 2 vestido por Yves Saint Laurent e o 3 modelo. Estou muito feliz em vestir um dos 2 modelos. 

dress by Yves Saint Larent

dress by Yves Saint Laurent


  1. everyone looks realy great <3

  2. ana paschalis1 May 2012 at 16:37


  3. Thank you for your comment soooo much !
    I love all of this dresses (Halley Berrys' is my favourite )
    Of course I'd like to follow each other!
    Kisses xxxx

  4. Hally berry has something special...it seems like she could shine ....she's amazing!


  5. thanks for the lovely comment, yes let's follow each other!! x